Medical Services

We do primary care, preventive care, diagnostic, evaluation and management of common ailments and diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, asthma, migraine, hyperlipidemia, gout among others.

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Primary Services

Primary Care

Like any doctor visit, physical exams are always an essential component for your visit. As your physician, we take the time to conduct proper physical exams and listen to all concerns and provide counseling. 

Preventive Care

Screening and early detection of disease to enable utilization of appropriate treatment strategies to halt. Our in-depth care helps our patients avoid illnesses and we develop treatment plans before they worsen.

Weight Loss

Use of current treatment modalities including nutritional and hormonal therapy. We approach weight loss as more  than a calories and calories out approach. We emphasize appropriate diet.

Other Services

Medical Counselling

Patient centered and individualized counselling is provided based on diagnosis and patient.

Meds Management

We advise on keeping your medications under supervision to avoid any possible side effects.

Results Evaluation

Laboratory results and radiology tests are evaluated carefully, professionally with patient participation.

Effective Diagnosis

Effective diagnosis of illnesses based on presenting symptoms & development of treatment plan.

Anti-Aging Medicine

Preventative Services Screening and early detection of disease for appropriate treatment strategies.

Weight Management

For patient, we use current treatment modalities including nutritional and hormonal therapy.

Disease Management

Early detection and utilization of evidence based algorithms to manage disease processes, etc.

Acute Health Problem

These health issues come in many varieties and they are sudden which could lead to medical problem.

Better Health Care For All

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